A Glass of Red Wine Every Night: Good or Bad?


Did you need another reason to drink red wine every night?


You know the saying everything in moderation, right? Good news – this includes red wine! While it’s no replacement for a healthy diet packed with vitamins and nutrients, wine has potential health benefits when consumed in moderation. The nutrition experts at VPX Sports share some of the pros and cons of drinking a glass of red wine every night.


Pros of Drinking a Glass of Red Wine Every Night
If consumed in moderation, wine can:

– Lower risk of cardiovascular disease
– Protect against heart disease
– Improve sleep
– Slow growth of fat cells
– Decrease risk of type 2 diabetes
– Reduce risk of all-cause mortality amongst middle-aged and older adults
– Keep cognitive function intact as you age, preventing memory loss and protecting against Alzheimer’s Disease
– Fight illness, from the antioxidants (resveratrol) fighting against free radicals
– Improve vision over time
– Reduce inflammation
– Increase good cholesterol, which deceases the bad cholesterol
– Stop bug bites (what, bugs don’t like alcohol?)

Cons of Drinking a Glass of Red Wine Every Night
If taken in larger doses, wine can:

– Ruin the healing of muscles, speeding up the aging process
– Increase risk for breast cancer
– Cause weight gain
– Lead to addiction and alcoholism
– Increase risk of high blood pressure problems
– Liver damage


How Much is Too Much?

As you can see, moderation is okay when it comes to the consumption of a glass of red wine every night. So how do you know what’s more than moderate?

– One drink per day for women (which is equal to about five ounces)
– Two drinks per day for men