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The Rapid Fat Loss ZERO IMPACT DIET™


Make no mistake; The Rapid Fat Loss Zero Impact Diet is not a commercialized fad diet! Conversely, The Zero Impact Diet (AKA, The "ZI" Diet) has been proven to be effective for both instantaneous and long term fat loss for a period of over 10 years. While you will lose body fat weight on the Zero Impact Diet, it is NOT a weight loss diet. Weight loss is counter productive to fat loss because the weight that is lost on commercial diets always includes muscle. Muscle is what improves your appearance and muscle is also the site at which fat is burned. Consequently, the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism revs and the greater your ability to burn fat even at rest. By prioritizing your lean muscle to bodyfat ratio, The ZI Diet dramatically amplifies the speed at which fat is burned while simultaneously increasing the velocity at which lean muscle is gained to improve the overall allure and magnetism of the human body. ZI is exciting because it breaks every traditional dieting rule and stimulates fat loss results that defy modern biology. This revolutionary book unleashes rapid fat loss dieting secrets and metabolic trickery so that YOU can experience the same physique-altering wizardry that three Hollywood detectives used to set a collective, 127 pound fat loss record in just 12 weeks. The Zero Impact protocol has been developed for both men and women. Therefore, it is important for women to be aware that the Zero Impact Diet yields equally impressive results for both males as well as females. More information and photos are available by logging onto ZI

I - America's New Epidemic: Chemically Addicted Serotonin Junkies

II - Radical Dieting Paradigm Shift: Harnessing the Drug-Like Effect of Food and Supplementation

Chapter I

America's New Epidemic: Chemically Addicted Serotonin Junkies

Can you believe that more Americans are addicted to food than any other substance on planet Earth? It's true: more American's are addicted to food than cigarettes, heroine, cocaine or, for that matter, all street drugs combined. Take a look around your work place, the beach, shopping malls, restaurants and/or the grocery store and you will see that the amount of overweight and obese persons has reached epidemic proportions! With all due respect, you are likely to make up part of this growing population because a staggering two out of three Americans (67%) are overweight, and one in three (30%) are clinically obese! And, in some states like Mississippi and Texas, obesity rates are as high as 37%!

For that reason, it's easy to see why most Americans are desperately searching for a radical new weight loss diet. But that is the problem! America's insatiable pursuit of the perfect diet is based on the false premise that "weight loss" is the solution to our country's epidemic of being over-fat. And, consequently, our nation becomes fatter and fatter because mainstream diets continually fail us since they focus on weight loss instead of fat loss. We've been taught to fear protein because it causes kidney problems etc. And, then dietary fat became enemy #1. Finally, since carbohydrates were the only macronutrient left to pick on, we eliminated these food types also. All of these diet crazes worked to some extent for short term "weight loss" while at the same time destroying our long term ability to burn fat. And, not surprisingly, with each diet fad, America's waist line continued to grow. Think about it; food is made up of only three macronutrients: carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Eliminate all three and you will lose weight big time and end up dead in a relatively short period of time. I sarcastically introduce this information to you to show you the absolute lunacy of what has been presented to us as "weight loss" advice in the media and through pop culture diet books and fads.

As a solution to these multi-billion dollar health care mistakes, Zero Impact Dieting offers a scientific approach that embraces fat loss over weight loss and employs the entire meal (fats carbs and proteins) to positively alter body composition (body fat and muscle). As you become familiar with the ideology outlined Zero Impact Diet, you will learn that the concept of "weight loss" is a faulty premise that presumes 'FAT' loss! And, whenever you seek to solve a scientific challenge that is based on poor and unfounded assumptions you run into a dead end - I'm speaking of the dieting dead end that has made us the fattest nation ever to walk the face of planet Earth. Yes, with all the billions of pages of scientific medically based research available at our fingertips via the internet, amazingly we've, nonetheless, been duped with the "weight loss" pipe dream. From a physiological standpoint, it bears repeating that "weight loss" is a flawed concept that is detrimental to fat loss and as a result has sent America on a collision course with self-destruction. For this reason, Zero Impact Dieting involves numerous scientifically creative approaches never before put into print.

Zero Impact addresses the excess flab epidemic by attacking body fat from every scientific mechanism known to man. As we said earlier, "weight loss" is counter productive to fat loss because the weight that is lost on commercial diets always includes a significant amount of muscle. Muscle is what improves your appearance and muscle is also the site at which fat is burned. Consequently, the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism revs and the greater your ability to burn fat is even at rest. By prioritizing specific body composition, ZI dramatically increases the speed at which fat is burned while simultaneously increasing the velocity in which you will gain lean muscle. This fresh approach will improve the overall allure and magnetism of the human body and improve many markers that are indicative of excellent health and longevity. The bottom line is that until you embrace the fact that adding lean muscle to your body is the ONLY way to end your short and long term struggle with weight, you will forever be fat and unhealthy. I seriously hope you are paying attention women! If "cardio", salad and starvation were the answer like women have been told, then 8 out of 10 women that perform cardiovascular type exercise exclusively on machines and in aerobic classes wouldn't have cellulite splattered all over the back of their legs and butt. Respectfully women, if you look like you got hit on the back side with a cottage cheese ball, then its time to listen up and make some serious Zero Impact Diet and exercise changes. Scientifically speaking, there is no such thing as cellulite! Cellulite is simply too much fat and water compressed into too small of an area that visually causes a dimpling effect. Until you lose fat and water, cellulite will never go away. Further, starvation diets cause the body to hold on to fat and water and worse yet, rapidly destroy lean muscle tissue. What you are currently doing is NOT working. So, what's the answer? Whether you're a man or a woman, if you want to "tone" an area like your backside or obtain a shredded mid section, you must increase lean muscle and lose bodyfat - there is no alternative. And, to accomplish this you need a proven strategy and a proven protocol. Zero Impact supplements, dieting, and exercise are the proven key to your immediate and long term success.

Here is a very small example of how ZI kicks up fat loss. High intensity "Cardio" training is utilized for acute (immediate, but short duration), fat loss, while resistance training with weights and machines builds muscle (the actual site were fat is burned). Added benefits of increasing lean muscle tissue also include long term fat loss due to the body's permanently higher rate of metabolism. Additionally, the Zero Impact Diet utilizes powerful supplements that include super potent proteins, specialized fibers, essential and fat burning dietary fats, and slowly released carbohydrates. These products where precisely designed for their ability to efficiently speed up fat loss, enhance lean muscle, control cravings, increase metabolism, and provide a Zero Impact supplementary meal when whole food is not available. This family of cutting edge supplements was created in our own state of the art research and development facility under my personal direction as Chief Scientific Officer and engineered specifically to radically increase YOUR success on the Zero Impact Diet. Whole foods and the timing of these foods and the frequency in which these foods and supplements are consumed are also important factors in the Zero Impact strategy for rapid fat loss. These tidbits of information are just the tip of the iceberg to whet your appetite for more body transforming information like Redline® Fat Incinerating™ liquid capsules presented throughout this entire book. Now its time to get back to our topic and Chapter I Title:

America's New Epidemic: Chemically Addicted Serotonin Junkies

More recently, confused Americans blame their excessive weight on sugar and carbohydrate addiction, but what they are really addicted to is the serotonin rush delivered by extreme overeating and excessive consumption of high glycemic junk food. High glycemic simply refers to a carbohydrate that enters blood swiftly and in turn causes a corresponding rise in the fat storage hormone, insulin. We'll help you to understand how this affects bodyfat in the pages that follow.

By respecting and even fearing the powerful drug-like effect that food has to destroy the human body and by likewise, embracing and harnessing the positive power of food to drastically improve, build and re-sculpt the body, The Zero Impact Diet has rocked the dieting world to its very core!

As you read through this Zero Impact Diet Book, be prepared to soak up these and many other cutting edge concepts. It is this never-before-documented approach to rapid fat loss that will arm you with the knowledge to attain a smokin' hot body.

Serotonin is powerful brain chemical that regulates cravings and stabilizes one's mood. Therefore, when you upset the delicate balance of brain chemicals with poor dietary choices you become no different than a person addicted to cocaine or ecstasy. For example, ecstasy causes the brain to hyper-secrete serotonin and is highly addictive. Although to a lesser degree than ecstasy or cocaine, eating certain foods in certain combinations can also cause a significant release of serotonin in the brain. Consequently, the habitual binge eating and junk food consuming individual also becomes addicted to the powerful brain-altering chemical, serotonin. To feed one's serotonin addiction, processed carbohydrates and/or simple sugars must be eaten frequently. As you may have guessed, the same foods that initiate the release of serotonin also cause massive spikes in the fat storage hormone insulin. And of course the reason you love that serotonin-induced state is that you feel good. But feeling good by eating this kind of carbohydrate-loaded junk has its consequences so to speak!

Worse yet, the foods eaten to continuously feed one's serotonin addiction also cause a condition known as insulin resistance which is a condition where the body no longer reacts to the actions of insulin. When the body becomes "resistant" to the actions of insulin, insulin levels remain chronically high. Because insulin is a fat storage hormone, persons who have chronically high levels of this hormone in the blood efficiently store everything they eat as bodyfat. Insulin resistance of varying degrees is a serious health condition that adversely affects more than 200 million Americans. It is not uncommon for a person with insulin resistance to gain from 50 to 200 pounds and in some cases even much more. Even if you are only 20 or 30 pounds over-fat, more than likely, your body is not using insulin efficiently. The frequent feeding of serotonin cravings with carbs and sugars puts you into the middle of the serotonin/insulin cycle. It is this hormonal cascade of bio-chemicals working in concert that will make you very fat, very fast.

The Zero Impact Diet shines a very bright light on a bleak and seemingly hopeless situation. Unlike other mainstream weight loss programs, the ZI Diet unleashes its powerful effects quickly. Thus, after competing just two-weeks on the ZI Diet your body is no longer resistant to the actions of insulin. This is huge because now you have positively altered your body's chemistry, shifting it from a state of chronically high insulin levels by which everything you eat is stored as fat, to a renewed state in which your body can: 1) access stored bodyfat to utilize as energy, and 2) reverse the condition (insulin resistance) that had previously ensured that everything you ate was stored as bodyfat.

For more information on the Zero Impact Diet Kit or the Zero Impact Diet Challenge log onto or call: 800-854-7904.