VPX Supplements for Fat Loss, Energy, Muscle Building, Body Building, Health, and overall Nutrition

Fat Loss & Energy

Liquid Clenbutrx®

Scientifically formulated to jack up your metabolism faster than a Ferrari on rocket fuel. Liquid Clenbutrx® is certified by science, backed by the real world, and proven to give you mind blowing energy that is unparalleled.


BANG® is not your stereotypical high sugar, life-sucking soda masquerading as an energy drink! High sugar drinks spike blood sugar producing metabolic mayhem causing you to crash harder than a test dummy into a brick wall. Power up with BANG® !

MD2™ Meltdown®

MD2 is a powerful new fat incinerator developed with the latest and most high-tech ingredients from the VPX labs, such as the custom-synthesized Theacrine!

Redline Ultra Hardcore®

Redline Ultra Hardcore’s Tri-Action, Liquid & Microtab Delivery innovation is Biotechnology exclusive to VPX. First, the clear faster acting liquid delivers sub-micron active compounds into your body within seconds.

REDLINE® Energy Drink RTD

Just recently VPX launched the technology of fat burning and energy enhancement into a new era with the introduction of Redline®. This VPX breakthrough is the first physique-transforming matrix to coax your body to burn fat.

REDLINE® Power Rush®

VPX has done it again with the introduction of the next generation of Redline® – REDLINE® Power Rush®. Straight from the Redline® laboratories, VPX has taken the profound energy producing compounds of the Original Redline® and shrunk them.

REDLINE Xtreme® Energy Drink

What happens when you combine the best world class supplement formulators from VPX with the best sports nutrition scientists in the Western Hemisphere? A super premium energy drink that rocks your opponent’s world and gives you crisp focus.

REDLINE Xtreme® Energy Shot

Redline® will “amp” you to the max within minutes, ready to tear apart the weights and wear out the treadmill like an animal!

Muscle Building

Triple Test™

TRIPLE TEST™ stands alone as a total support system for optimizing testosterone levels.


VPX® mTORC1™ PREWORKOUT mTOR IGNITOR™, is a radically innovative preworkout formula that shatters the envelope of creatine and muscle building science.

Amino Rush™ RTD

AMINO RUSH ™ is the latest innovation from VPX that features solubilized BCAAs, which are shown to have superior bioavailability versus other types of BCAAs.


VPX® CREmTOR™ (pronounced cree – em – tore) , represents the future in creatine science! Simply put, mTOR not only increases protein synthesis, but also increases your body’s capacity for even greater protein synthesis.

Fast 5™

FAST 5™ reduces whole body protein breakdown, which in turn increases recovery time and reduces Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

Amino Rush™ BCAA 2:2:1™

AMINO RUSH™ BCAA 2:2:1™ is a very versatile product. Consume AMINO RUSH™ 2:2:1™ prior to a fasted workout, or during a workout or athletic event.

Carbonx® RTD

Tired of the same old sugar-filled sports drinks that use 1960s technology? VPX ushers in the new super carb matrix known as CARBONX®. CARBONX RTD has 160 calories of pure energy.

SYNGEX® 5lb - Whey Protein

VPX® is proud to bring you a cutting edge NEW Whey Protein Isolate called, SpiroFuse Reverse Osmosis™ or SRO™!

Zero Carb® SRO® 2 lb

If you want a super-potent protein that contains no bodyfat- promoting carbohydrates or fats, insist on Zero Carb® SRO® PROTEIN!

Zero Carb® SRO® 4.4 lb

If you want a super-potent protein that contains no bodyfat- promoting carbohydrates or fats, insist on Zero Carb® SRO® PROTEIN!

Creatine Plasma

Creatine Plasma, non –bloating, ultra fast liquid delivery for radical increases in strength, performance, lean muscle gains, and recovery! Approved for drug tested athletes!

ZERO IMPACT® Protein Bars

Every effort has been made to make sure that the sugars contained in this bar have a minimal impact on blood sugar and insulin. Consequently, the majority of sugars contained in the ZERO IMPACT® High Protein, Meal Replacement Bar (MRB™) are low.

Giant Gains®

So you want to get big? Ask any top professional athlete and they will tell you that the battle for size and strength is not waged primarily with weights, but rather the fork and knife.

Pre Workout


The NEW 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN™ delivers the extreme mental acuity and intense energy required for explosive workouts in the gym and on the field.




REDLINE® WHITE HEAT™ is the ultimate pre-workout amplifier, and will provide more than enough energy for even the most hardened of stimulant users.

Shotgun 5X™

SHOTGUN 5X is the first VPX® muscle building supplement to use a superior synergistic blend of effective compounds combined with a cutting-edge delivery system that promotes mind blowing, skin bursting effects.

Post Workout / Recovery


If you want to speed up lean muscle growth, get this one fact straight: Insulin is the most Anabolic (muscle building) of all hormones.† In fact, insulin triggers more lean muscle growth than Anabolic Steroids or Growth Hormone!†

Health And Support


MEDIVIN® liquid multivitamins & minerals provides essential nutrients which are the body's fundamental building blocks.