VPX Frequenty Asked Questions

VPX Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below is a list of the frequently asked questions (FAQ's) currently stored on VPX Sports. Information is collected and updated regularly. Chances are, if you have a question, someone else probably had it prior. However, if your concern is not addressed, Contact Us.
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Im a diabetic What can I take to lose weight and gain muscle without compromising my health?
What are the beginning steps for losing weight?
Are there Single Servings of NO Shotgun?
Besides studies on NO Shotgun Meltdown Redline Xtreme and Redline Princess are there other studies being conducted on VPX products?
Can I take the NO Synthesize before during and after my workout?
What is CreatinolOPhosphate?
Why do NO Shotgun and NO Synthesize not have any color to it after I mix it with water?
About 45 minutes after I take NO Shotgun my blood sugar drops
Should I take Meltdown with or without food?
What is the difference between Bang and NO Shotgun?
I currently use NO Shotgun and NO Synthesize how would I incorporate Bang into my supplement protocol?
What is the difference between Redline and Meltdown RTDs Ready to Drink?
What products will help my girlfriend increase muscle?
Do you offer a money back guarantee with any of your products?
What is the reason that I have to take a fiber supplement?
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